Identity Theft Resolution Program

What is the Identity Theft Resolution Program?

Frates offers ISOs an additional revenue stream by enabling them to offer identity theft resolution services as an HR benefit to their merchants’ employees as a value added service.

How does differ from similar products and services on the market?

Unlike other products that only cover an individual, all of the dependents of an employee will be covered.

The annual wholesale cost to the ISO is less than what other products cost per month.


How is the program structured?

An ISO acts as a reseller of the service to their merchants for the benefit of their employees.


What are the benefits?

For the ISO:

  • Additional revenue
  • Reduced attrition potential
  • Continual residual revenue stream even if merchant is lost, as long as they remain in program

For the merchant:

  • Decrease in lost employee productivity
  • Additional low cost HR benefit for employees and dependents